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SKIDERFlex RJ45 Connector

General Description

The SKIDERFlex RJ45 Connector is a RJ45 Connector with integrated Magnetics for Gigabit Ethernet. It utilizes the SKIDERFlex mounting system with various castellated holes for easy and rapid integration in every project or product. You will not have to fiddle with tiny SMD componentens to integrate this Ethernet Switch into your design.


  • 1 1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • yellow and green LED on RJ45 connector
  • supports industrial temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) TBD
  • no external components needed for basic operation (except power supply and connections)
  • small form factor (PCB: 22.86mm x 30.48mm / with Connector: 22.86mm x 33.35mm)
  • compatible with breadboards (only for testing / could affect signal quality)

Operating Instructions

The SKIDERFlex RJ45 Connector supports Ethernet Signals up to 1000BASE-T. The Connector is protected against ESD and features a fully Gigabit compatible Signal-Transformer circuit. A compatible Ethernet Switch can be purchased at

Electrical Characteristics

Block Diagram

Block Diagram



Pin Name Description
1 D- Differential Ethernet Pair 4 -
2 D+ Differential Ethernet Pair 4 +
3 C- Differential Ethernet Pair 3 -
4 C+ Differential Ethernet Pair 3 +
5 B- Differential Ethernet Pair 2 -
6 B+ Differential Ethernet Pair 2 +
7 A- Differential Ethernet Pair 1 -
8 A+ Differential Ethernet Pair 1 +
10 L2+ LED2 Anode (Green LED on RJ45 Connector)
11 L2- LED2 Cathode (Green LED on RJ45 Connector)
17 L1- LED1 Cathode (Yellow LED on RJ45 Connector)
18 L1+ LED1 Anode (Yellow LED on RJ45 Connector)
9, 16 GND GND Pin
12-15, 19-22 SHIELD Shield Connection of RJ45 Connector (internally connected to GND via Capacitor)

Other Specifications

Description Value Unit
Operating Temperature -40 to +85 °C
Dimensions 22.86 x 33.35 x 14.98 mm
Weight TBD g

Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical Drawning

Typical Application

The SKIDERFlex RJ45 Connector is intended for use on an application specific circuit board. Premade circuit boards can be acquired at (link to be verified). If you want to integrate the SKIDERFlex RJ45 Connector into your own design, a KiCad Library can be found at (link to be verified). If you choose to integrate it into your own design, just connect the respective pins to their according lanes. No additional filters or transformers are needed. The LED pins can be connected as needed. There are no current limiting resistors installed. A compatible Ethernet Switch, as the SKIDERFlex Small Ethernet Switch already implement current limiting resistors on the LED pins.

Typical Application Schematic

Environmental Compliance

The SKIDERFlex RJ45 Connector is compliant with RoHS III (EU 2015/863). For more information please contact us at (e-mail to be verified)

Declaration of Conformity

Potentially compliant with 2014/30/EU. (definitely to be verified -> potentially no CE applicable / 2014/35/EU not applicable due to voltage < 75V)

Product Revisions

  • FLEX-ETHC0-0:
  • initial version

Contact Information

If you have any further questions regarding this product, please feel free to contact us under (e-mail to be verified)

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